Tuesday, May 12, 2015

World of DC Comics 2015: Play Arts Kai DC Comics Variant Figures Set 1

My wife and I were roaming around SM Bicutan while waiting for Dad to pick us up. Upon descending to the basement, we found this World of DC Comics exhibit. Great! Time to shoot some figures.

One mean-looking Hawkman

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Instagram: Framed

Sometimes you get an unintentional but an awesome shot. Here's one of those...
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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Collecticon 2013: Assorted Figures

Here's the last set of pictures from Collection 2013:

Solid Snake

Collecticon 2013: Arch-Enemies & X-Men Custom Figures

More awesome figures from Collecticon 2013:

Superman versus ...

Collecticon 2013: Anime & MJ

Still more shots from Collecticon 2013:

Gundam RX-78

Collecticon 2013: Robots & Heroes

Here are some of my shots of the figures and collectibles at Collecticon 2013:

Superman Unleashed!

Collecticon 2013 Day 02: Around the Event Floor plus Cosplayers

My wife and I arrived in the afternoon and we were surprised that in spite of the bad weather, there was a good turnout at the event. I even jokingly said that we just got off the LRT and are we now back in it?

As expected, there were lots of stores selling toys of all kinds. There were display booths. My favorite, MaxiCollectors was there.There was even a speaker talking about what I think was figure customization. Kids and adults alike were milling all over the event floor.

We braved the crowds and were able to browse through all the stores. I finally found the store that I'm looking for, the one selling Hot Wheels for only P60 a car. I'm actually collecting cars on the Hot Wheels Blings line that were released around 2004 and 2005. I already have a couple of them which I bought at 168 and at ToyCon. Now this store has plenty of them. I bought around 11 Blings cars plus 3 more on the ... line. After that, I decided to close my wallet and to just take some pictures while I roamed around.  It was tiring but enjoyable nonetheless.

Here's a bird's eye view of the event floor:

One could get lost here!

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