Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Loving me some Flickr!

For a long time, I have lost faith in Flickr. Flickr has been one of the earliest photo sharing sites and in its inception was one of the coolest. I've been a member since 2004 and since then updates have been slow.  Really slow, if at all. As the UI designs of most sites drastically improved (500px, Google+ and the recently relaunched MySpace), Flickr's UI remained cumbersome and downright ugly!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Our pet Zorro would be dearly missed!

I was deeply saddened to learn that our beloved pet Zorro had passed away. Everyone in the family was very close to Zorro since he also got a sickness when he was just a pup and he almost didn't make it then. But after he was taken to the vet he eventually got better and grew up healthy.

Zorro got big and strong and he always did his duty as the guard dog of the house. Often, he would be awake throughout the night and be asleep during the day.

After some time, we had another dog in the house which we called Milky due to a white spot that runs on her tummy. Milky is the daughter of another dog of ours, Sasha. Later, Zorro and Milky had several puppies but sadly only one survived. My niece, Thea, fondly called this puppy survivor, Baby Z, since her spotted eyes looked just like Zorro's. Eventually all three of them became our beloved pets and loyal guard dogs.

We would all miss Zorro. Zorro was so gentle and kind. Even though Thea would sometimes pat him strongly on the head, Zorro would just dismiss this and would just look calmly at Thea. Thea would then just go on patting him again. But when Zorro sensed a stranger, his bark would be so loud it could be heard even next door.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Revoltech Series No. 109: Himura Kenshin

Just wanted to share a picture of one my favorites from my Revoltech collection: Rurouni Kenshin. The classic anime is also one of my favorites and the recent live action feature is epic as well.


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Friday, May 3, 2013

Dolphin Show at Ocean Adventure, Subic

Next stop was the Dolphin Show. Everyone in the audience was amazed at the stunts that the dolphins and the trainers were able to do. We just couldn't help but applaud.

Synchronized Swimming

Sealion Show at Ocean Adventure, Subic

After a hearty lunch, it was time to go to Ocean Adventure for the Sealion Show. There were two "officers" with the two sealions and together they did a skit that combined the stunts with some laughs. They even requested a volunteer to be kissed by one of the sealions. The audience really had a great time as evidenced by the laughter and the applause at the end of the show.


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