Thursday, November 29, 2012

My entry made it as a Finalist on StreetSideMoments for 11/26/2012

Yey! My entry made it as one of the finalists for StreetSideMoments on 11/26/2012. My entry is the one on the center and it's a shot of a concrete-mixer truck.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Lego City at Robinsons Magnolia - Set 1

I've been a long-time Lego fan. Ever since my Dad gave me my first ever Lego vehicle, a firetruck with a firefighter figure, I was hooked. Nowadays, Lego sets are quite expensive. But I still manage to buy some of the more budget-friendly sets at eBay. My most recent purchase was a Batman Jetski set. And currently, I'm collecting the Shell Lego Ferrari vehicles, thanks again to my Dad for buying the fuel while I buy the Lego :)

This month, my wife and I made a trip to one of our favorite malls, Robinsons Magnolia. Imagine my surprise when I saw a full-blown Lego City set at the ground floor. That called for an instant photoshoot.

Here are some of my shots:

Hovering by {israelv}
Hovering, a photo by {israelv} on Flickr.
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