Friday, March 2, 2012

My Nikon D40x is Back, Alright!

It was almost a year ago when I encountered an error with my Nikon D40x. I was using it when an error popped on the back display -- "Error. Press shutter release button again".  I did press it several times to no avail. I was so distraught that I even posted about it here in my blog.

Who would've thought? :)
Fast forward to February 2012. After countless procrastinations (plus the purchase of a very excellent compact, a Nikon COOLPIX P300), I was finally able to convince myself to go to Hidalgo to have my D40x repaired.

Thanks Mr. Noel!
Part of my hesitation in going to Hidalgo was the thought of wading through an endless stream of people and the difficulty of finding a decent repair shop.  But those fears proved to be unfounded when my wife and I finally arrived in Hidalgo.

After a rude reception at a well-known camera shop, which I will not name here, we were pointed towards Bert's Camera Repair Shop which was just a stone's throw away. Upon setting our eyes on the shop, my wife immediately tugged at my sleeve and asked me if I was really sure that I would like to have our D40x repaired there. Sure it was tiny and actually resembled a shop which repairs watches rather than DSLRs but I was keen on having my D40x repaired so we bravely pressed on.

In the end, we discovered that the experts there are quite accomodating. After a two-hour wait, we found ourselves back in the shop with a working D40x in our hands. I felt so relieved that they were able to fix my cam and they did that for only around P2K plus. Kudos to Mr. Noel, the guy who did the repairs!

I immediately took some test shots with my now working D40x:

They sure have some nice old cameras on display!

An impromptu street photography at Hidalgo

After several more shots, I'm finally confident that my D40x is back in working order. So we thanked Mr. Noel again and headed back home.

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